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Writer William C. Gordon left a fond memory in his presentation at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center on March 10, 2018, when he introduced us to his latest novel Caso Abierto, the sixth installment of the police series starring Samuel Hamilton. He also explained what a novel needs to be a crime novel.

The work of this author includes titles such as “Duel in Chinatown”, “The king of the underworld”, “The spheres of power”, “The dwarf”, “Broken lives”, where he skillfully combines his facet as a writer with his work as a defense attorney –pro bono– of the Hispanic community, especially benefiting Mexicans, in San Francisco, California.

Gordon, born in Los Angeles and raised among Mexicans, is fluent in Spanish. His intense life could well serve as the script for a film and / or an endless series of novels. The story of her family, in fact, served as the basis for the bestseller “El plan infinito”, the fifth book by the writer -and his ex-wife- Isabel Allende, published in 1991.

Gordon was the son of the founder of a messianic religion that, already from the very denomination (The infinite plan), pointed to a literary contagion. He was a lieutenant in the US Army during the Vietnam War, owner of Camelot, a turbulent San Francisco bar, lawyer, photographer, accomplished traveler, and philanthropist. He has made significant donations to libraries and student centers, even a library bears his name.

In his memoirs he has been dosing the rhythm, to make the novels about his central character, the intrepid journalist Samuel Hamilton, more credible. Hamilton moves in the dark and corrupt San Francisco of the 60s. A world that Gordon knew and lived so well, while practicing as a lawyer for the disinherited Latinos of the so-called “American dream”.

His books are a tribute to the most classic noir and also to the dreams of minorities, including Latino immigrants. In the sixth installment, Open Case, he looks at the limits of pain … if they exist.

Photos taken by: Numa Adrian Roades Vieira

El escritor William C. Gordon dejó un entrañable recuerdo en su presentación en el Centro Cultural Barco de Papel …

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