Tonia Leon (II)

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“Slow-Cooked Poetry / Poesía a Fuego Lento” is a new collection of poems by Tonia Leon. She introduced her new poetry book at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center on March 10, 2017. Presentation by the Dominican author José Miguel de la Rosa and musical performance by Linda Morales Caballero.

Poet and playwright José Miguel de la Rosa
Linda Morales Caballero

About the author

Tonia León was born in Brooklyn. Her grandparents were from Eastern Europe – Transylvania, Odessa, Poland. At 19, she fell in love with Mexico where she was in a summer course. A love that she has kept for a lifetime, which is why she considers that her subsequent academic studies were only a mere pretext to return there as often as possible. It is precisely from her stays in Mexico that her passion about pre-Hispanic cultures is born, which have greatly influenced her way of seeing life and her writing.

She studied at Barnard College, Columbia University, and New York University. She received her doctorate in Latin American studies and letters with the thesis Lyrical Reflections of the Science of the 17th Century in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s “Primero Sueño”.

For several years, she has had a small ecological cabin in the Sierra Madre Oriental de Veracruz; where from its door you can enjoy the view of the volcano, Pico de Orizaba. She has published poems, prose and translations in English and Spanish in magazines and newspapers in the US, Mexico, Colombia and Japan. This My beloved chaos is her first collection of poems.

Her poems sing the murmurs of trees, stones, insects, dry leaves; they cry out against the gap that opens between ideals and human actions. She also write poems that are philosophical inquisitions or dialogues with artistic works and with their creators.

La lectura del poemario "Slow-Cooked Poetry/ Poesía a Fuego Lento" de la poeta Tonia León se llevo a cabo en el Centro…

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