Now You know…We Read in Spanish

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Ya tu sabes se lee en espanol

Barco de Papel Cultural Center held a music and poetry event on the night of December 2, 2016, called, “Ya tú sabes, Se Lee en español (Now You know We Read in Spanish). This event closed the year of literary activities in our organization. Members of the NYU literary collective participated.

We appreciate the determined commitment of these young writers to bring our literature to Queens County. Miguel Ángel Hernández (Venezuela), Isabella Portilla (Colombia), Wilmiriam Cotto Castellano (Puerto Rico), Damian W. Lambert (Chicago, USA), Huáscar Robles (Puerto Rico) and Gabriel Constantin Dureci (Bucharest) participated in this last cycle. The event featured a musical presentation by Elisa Corona and Huáscar Robles. This evening of poetry and music has been possible thanks to the coordination of Pepa Valenzuela and a work team made up of Juliana Muñoz Toro and Nadia Villafuerte.

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