Miguel Angel Quintero with Berta Nelly Arboleda

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As part of their tour around New York City, the poet and playwright Mario Ángel Quintero and the actress Berta Nelly Arboleda visited the Barco de Papel Cultural Center in Queens County on March 16, 2017. This literary event brought us closer to the poet and the actress. Both holders of a outstanding career and a life devoted to poetry and theater for more than twenty years. The participants enjoyed a – Poetic reading with the surprise appearance of a character: “A writer performs a reading in front of the public; a female character who has left her texts, appears and intervenes in the act. Poetry and a touch of theater. ”

After the event, the attendees had the opportunity to talk with Mario and Berta who openly shared their experiences in theater and literature.

Berta Nelly Arboleda Ruíz
Master in Dramatic Art, Universidad de Antioquia. Postgraduate in pedagogy of art and folklore from the Universidad del Bosque. Actress in the plays La maestra by Enrique Buenaventura, directed by Luis Carlos Medina; Bolívar by Jean Jaques Bellot; Retrato de una dama con perrito (Portrait of a lady with a dog) by Luis Riaza, directed by Gilberto Martínez; La Guandoca (The Skookum House) by Gilberto Martínez; Mi barrio, historia de un amor (My neighborhood, story of a love) by Hector Lorza and María Teresa Llano; Prométeme que no gritaré (Promise me that I will not shout) by Victor Viviescas, directed by Gilberto Martínez; Me / Moría by Alberto Sierra, directed by Gilberto Martínez; Las Tardes de Manuela y Amantina o la historia de un desamor (The evenings of  Manuela y Amantina or the story of a heartbreak) by José Manuel Freidel, directed by Fernando Zapata; En el filo (In the edge) by Fernando Zapata, directed by himself; Francisca, o quisiera morir de amor (Francisca, or I would like to die of love) by Gilberto Martínez and Mario Angel Quintero, directed by Gilberto Martínez; and Paréntesis para la Pasión (Paréntesis for passion), Ideas by H, Beckettiana: works and adaptations; Beckettiana: evocations and catastrophes, Jenny Pirata, La Triste Garza Azul, Los Micos, una comedia tropical, Lúmina, Tilín-Tinábula, Estancamiento en Apocalipsis and Las Guisas del grupo. She is co-director of Párpado Teatro (Eyelid Theater)

Mario Angel Quintero
He was born in 1964 in San Francisco, California, where he lived his first thirty years. He studied literature at the University of California and has a scholarship in literary creation at Stanford University. Published poems, prose, and essays in American literary magazines; he also published the books in English: Globo (1996), The Fifth Season (1996), and On the Voice (2016). He has lived in Medellín, Colombia, since 1995 where he has published the poetry books Mapa de lo Claro (1996), Muestra (1998), Tentenelaire (2006), El desvanecimiento del alma en camino al limbo (2009), Keselazboga (2014) and Mapa de las palabras (2014). He published the dramaturgy books Cómo morir en un solar ajeno (How to die in a strange lot) (2009), La sabiduría de los limones (The wisdom of lemons) (2013), and Calamidad Doméstica  (Domestic Calamity) (2016). He has published his essays in the Colombian magazines Babel, Diverciudad, Interregno, A Teatro, and Magazine of Cultural Extension (Nacional University in Medellin). He is a member of the musical groups Underflavour and Sell the Elephant. He is co-director and playwright of  Párpado Teatro, with whom he has performed more than twenty plays.

Como parte del recorrido por la ciudad de New York el poeta y dramaturgo Mario Ángel Quintero y la actriz Berta Nelly…

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