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Child author Kenneth Zhumi, “The Boy Who Loves Horses”  presented his books on November 20, 2018, at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center. Kenneth Zhumi, who has been diagnosed with an spectrum of the autism disorder, is the author of a saga of bilingual books titled Brown Caballito; In them, he tells us about a stage in his life, his feelings and the relationship with the world that surrounded him during his years in silence, today Kenneth has managed to express himself semi-verbally.

Teresa Zhumi, the author’s mother presented his work. Teresa shared her personal experience and the importance of family environment, proper education and social support to make her child’s dream of communication come true.

Barco de Papel Cultural Center joins parents, family members and organizations in the effort to raise awareness about autism. For this, we brought the experience of Kenneth, a boy who today, at age 14, attends high school. In this event he and his mother explained his day to day better to us. At age 11 he wrote and illustrated Brown Caballito, structured in six bilingual books, 24 pages each. After three years of its creation, he went to Barco de Papel Cultural Center to dismantle the myths that we have about this condition.

Kenneth Zhumi, in his books Brown Caballito draws a brown horse that touches our hearts, the character protagonist of the story, tells us in simple language the  adventures of a horse in his childhood, a character who was born different to others, in a society obsessed with perfection.

In the first book, Brown Caballito narrates his first day of school. Along the other five books – Blue Caballito, White Caballito, Ginger Caballito, Christmas Caballito and Spotter Caballito – we discover the emotions and feelings of the author in his non-verbal facet; the arrival of Christmas, visiting a farm, looking for honey in a honeycomb, or his passion for sports among other topics.

Fotos de la presentación de Kenneth Zhumi en el Centro Cultural Barco de Papel. Noviembre 20 2018Kenneth es autor de…

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