Into the Shadows of Nothingness a play by Sebastian Ospina

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Sebastian Ospina presented his new play, Into the Shadows of Nothingness at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel on Oct 27 2018. This time the one man show was in English.

Based on a free adaptation of El General en su Laberinto (The General in His Labyrinth),  the novel by Gabriel García Márquez; the story focuses on Manuela Sáenz born in Ecuador and Simón Bolívar´s love in the last 7 years of his life.

Manuela survived Bolívar 26 years and the legend goes that she wrote love letters to her dead lover till the last day of her life. She died forgotten in an abandoned port in the northern shore of Perú. There she receives the visit of Herman Melville the young writer who was to write a famous American novel: Moby Dick. In a narrative, fusion of film and stage, actress Esther Levy, born to Jewish American father and Mexican mother, plays on screen the role of Manuela Sáenz.

The videos for the show are the work of filmmaker Catalina Santamaría and music is form Colombian composers of the 19th and 20th century. The theme song Constant Love Beyond Death  was performed by singer Johanna Castañeda.

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