Elmhurst Literary Mural – Laura Giron and Miriam Rodriguez

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Laura Giron (Colombia) and Miriam Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) pose at the Elmhurst Library with their work inspired in Peter Hamil’s book The Invisible City

Conversation with Laura Girón and Miriam Rodríguez

“The basis of our work was been built upon the uniting cultures of the city of New York and specifically Elmhurst, Queens. Pete Hamill the author of The Invisible City wrote a collection of personal short stories about the people of New York and his book also included intimate sketches that captured the diversity of the city.

Our project was to celebrate his book and at the same time celebrate the neighborhood of Elmhurst, Queens. What they both have in common is their focus on the coexisting cultures of the city.

Laura Giron drawing the initial sketch

In our sketch, which is four parts, we decided to represent the three main cultures of Elmhurst which are Asian, Latin American, and South Asian buy displaying their beautiful and colorful textiles of their heritages. And to close the circle we included a portrait of Pete Hamill with a quote from his book “Exiles from history…forever separated from the past, yet often living that past in the present”. This quote explained the journey and sacrifice immigrants take to come to this country, yet they bring their culture, and their culture is what makes this city so amazing, colorful, and unique.

The artist at work while they are observed by a local family

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