Elmhurst Literary Mural – Diego Castillo y Andley Tyson

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Diego Castillo (República Dominicana) and Andley Tyson (Jamaica) escogieron como inspiración para su trabajo The Amthen (El Himno) un poema de la autora Afro-Americana   Sonia Sanchez
Trabajando en una calle de alto tráfico siempre capta la atención de los transeúntes.
The Anthem Our vision is our voice we cut through the country where madmen goosestep in tune to Guernica. we are people made of fire we walk with ceremonial breaths we have condemned talking mouths. we run without legs we see without eyes loud laughter breaks over our heads. give me courage so I can spread it over my face and mouth. we are secret rivers with shaking hips and crests come awake in our thunder so that our eyes can see behind trees. for the world is split wide open and you hide your hands behind your backs for the world is broken into little pieces and you beg with tin cups for life. are we not more than hunger and music? are we not more than harlequins and horns? are we not more than color and drums? are we not more than anger and dance? give me courage so I can spread it over my face and mouth. we are the shakers walking from top to bottom in a day we are like Shango involving ourselves in acts that bring life to the middle of our stomachs we are coming towards you madmen shredding your death talk standing in front with mornings around our waist
Andley Tyson explica a un grupo de niños su trabajo. 

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