Edwin Castillo

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Barco de Papel Cultural Center held a meeting and presentation with the writer Edwin Castillo, on Saturday, May 11, 2019.

With a simple, direct, plain language, full of humor, the writer Edwin Castillo, Dominican Republic (1978), portrays conventional and common characters in his short story book “El eterno día de  Eufemio Obrero” (Editorial Disonante, 2015). In this presentation Castillo read some stories from this work and unpublished stories from his next short story book in preparation.

Castillo, in his new writings, is venturing into the literary trend that has come to be known as Realismo Sucio (Dirty Realism), which is a literary trend that is gaining ground, establishing itself in the taste of new generations of Latin American readers.

This movement takes place in the first half of the 20th century, it aims to reduce the narrative (especially the short story) to its fundamental elements. It is a derivation of minimalism that has its own characteristics. Like the former, Dirty Realism is characterized by its tendency to sobriety, precision, and extreme parsimony in the use of words in everything that refers to description.


Sobre el autor

Edwin Castillo (1978) is a Dominican writer based in the state of New Jersey. In Santo Domingo, he was awarded several prizes in different literary competitions; In 2015, the publishing house Disonante published the book of stories “El día eterno de Eufemio Obrero.” He is currently working on two projects, a short story book and a novel inspired by a Luis Dias’ bachata.

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