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Barco de Papel Cultural Center presented on June 7 2019  “Malén Cuyén- Mujer de la luna-” (Ediciones Espacio Hudson 2018), a novel by the Argentine writer  Cristina Rafanelli. Through four generations of Mapuche women, the author covers in her novel a good part of Argentina’s regional history from fiction. A woman decides to reconstruct her own story during exile. Discover that the characters of her family have gone through crucial moments in the history of their country such as the arrival of the English to the estancias of southern Argentina, the Desert Campaign, the massacre of workers, fascism during the Second World War and the military dictatorship. The prohibition of the use of Mapuche names after the occupation of Patagonia by Europeans and Creoles prevents for three generations the use of the name Malén Cuyén, which means Woman of the Moon. Love stories dot this novel, set in both South America and Europe. Murders in Rio Colorado put the people in suspense and the city of San Carlos de Bariloche is rebuilt from another perspective, from the Mapuche’s cultural point of view.

About the author

Fragmento de la lectura de libro “Malén Cuyén- Mujer de la luna-”, de Cristina Rafanelli, en el Centro Cultural Barco de Papel, 7 de Junio 2019

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Cristina Rafanelli is journalist, writer and teacher. She published newspaper articles in Buenos Aires in cultural magazines such as “Expreso Imaginario” and “Mutantia” and wrote the children’s play “Argón, the sleepy planet”.

Since 1985, he has lived in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche where she worked for Radio Nacional and published articles in different local, regional and national media such as the magazines “Humor“, “La Mano” and the newspaper “Página 12“. She was director of the magazine “Espejos del Alma“: art, culture and society of Patagonia and worked in different radio stations in the city.

In 2007 she was selected by the Argentinian National Endowment for the Arts to participate in the Narrative Belonging Workshop by the writer Vicente Battista that was held in the city of General Roca and from that workshop, an anthology entitled “Estación Trece” emerged where she publishes the story “El Asesino Serial (The serial killer)”

In 2008 together with Perla Álvarez and Joan Micóshe  she published the book “Los trabajadores argentinos temporales en Andorra (The temporary Argentine workers in Andorra)”  a work sponsored by the Center for Sociological Research dependent on the Government of the Principality of Andorra, which was published in Catalan and Spanish.

In 2011, Editorial Biblos and the Foundation “Desde América” published the biography of the Mapuche singer Aimé Painé under the title: Aimé Painé: “The voice of the Mapuche people” which was declared of social, educational and cultural interest by the Legislature of the city of Rio Negro and was presented in twenty cities in the country and abroad in Italy, England, Spain, Chile and Mexico.

In 2013 she received the Argentores Award for her radio program “Estación Rock” as the best radio documentary and in 2016, she received a special mention in the Rionegrino Editorial Fund Contest for the novel “Malen Cuyen, mujer de la luna”.

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