Huascar Robles

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Barco de Papel presented the work of Puerto Rican photographer and journalist Huáscar Robles, with a special intervention by journalists Ileán Pérez Cruz and Carmen Graciela Díaz. The author analyzed the challenges Haiti and Puerto Rico faced after natural tragedies. … Continued

Diego Cristian Saldana

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Centro Cultural Barco de Papel presented the wining work or the National Young Novel Award “José Revueltas” (Mexico 2019) by the musician and writer Diego Cristian Saldaña (1990) in New York on January 15 2020. Tiene la noche un árbol, … Continued

Cristina Rafaelli

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Barco de Papel Cultural Center presented on June 7 2019  “Malén Cuyén- Mujer de la luna-” (Ediciones Espacio Hudson 2018), a novel by the Argentine writer  Cristina Rafanelli. Through four generations of Mapuche women, the author covers in her novel … Continued

Edwin Castillo

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Barco de Papel Cultural Center held a meeting and presentation with the writer Edwin Castillo, on Saturday, May 11, 2019. With a simple, direct, plain language, full of humor, the writer Edwin Castillo, Dominican Republic (1978), portrays conventional and common … Continued

Adrian Cadavid

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Colombian author  Eduardo Cadavid presented his poetry book La imperfección del deseo  on May 9, 2019 at Barco de Papel Cultural Center, his book was published by New York Poetry Press editorial. About the author Adrián Cadavid (Medellín, Colombia, 1980). … Continued

Felipe Hugeno

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The Barco de Papel Cultural Center, following its mission of promoting and making known the Latin American poets and writers who carry out their intellectual work in the United States, brought the poet Felipe Hugueño to its space, who offered … Continued

Esteban Escalona Caba

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Reading and conversation on April 4, 2019 with the author of the book “Capital City” Esteban Escalona Caba at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center. Escalona writes in Ciudad Capital about a real or fictive Santiago de Chile, according to … Continued

Pedro Larrea

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The New York Poetry Press publishing house paid tribute to the Spanish poet María Victoria Atencia by reissuing in a bilingual edition the book of poems “The free shore / The Free Shore” by the Spanish poet Pedro Larrea, the … Continued

Kenneth Zhumi

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Child author Kenneth Zhumi, “The Boy Who Loves Horses”  presented his books on November 20, 2018, at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center. Kenneth Zhumi, who has been diagnosed with an spectrum of the autism disorder, is the author of … Continued

Nicolas Linares

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Barco de papel Cultural Center presented a lecture of the bilingual book of poems Libro Rebelde / Rebel Book by the poet Nicolás Linares Sánchez on October 13, 2018. Published under the Ultramarina Editorial label, the poems were translated into … Continued