Semblance of a Magical Village. Traveling Photography Exhibition
Ene 16 a las 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Centro Cultural Barco de Papel will showcase a traveling collection of photographs by Alejandro Teutli Morales, titled “Semblance of A Magical Village.” Strolling past each image, you can step into the daily traditions and customs of the charming town of Xico. Xico is located in the highland regions of Veracruz, Mexico, which is close to the municipality of Teocelo, captured by the lens of the artist, who is committed to save the social memory of his town.

Xico (pronounced hee-co) is one of 212 municipalities in Veracruz, Mexico. Its’ name comes from the nahautl language, Xicotl, Xicochimalco – nest of whips. The town is situated in the skirts of Cofre de Perote, in the central region of Veracruz. On December 6, 2011, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico declared Xico a «Pueblo Magico” or “magic town,” as part of a federal program that recognizes cities and the work that its people have implemented to protect the immense cultural, culinary and artistic treasures that are native to the region.

The exhibition

Alejandro Tueutli Morales 2A Message from the Photographer in Absentia, as his friend, Joaquín López Reséndiz, was generous enough to bring these images to New York City for public viewing:

These photographs are part of a documentary work that serves as historical memory, named “Semblance of A Magical Village,” my collective visions. This socio-historical assortment of images seeks to introduce in a graphic manner a few scenes of this town and its people. In this collection, you will see depictions of daily life, the countryside, a few cultural manifestations such as the traditional dances, which play an important role in the worldview of the Xiqueño (town residents) and its festivities. Xico’s cultural heritage is replete with syncretisms, which allows for the expression of their religious beliefs and simultaneously maintain a spiritual connection with their Pre-Columbian roots, which is reflected in one of the most important festivals of the state that is dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene.

In this celebration of Saint Mary Magdalene, which consists of endless cultural expressions and rituals throughout the month of July, one can admire the Tocotines dance, which narrates the story of the Spanish conquistador, Hernán Cortez, with the Mexican emperor, Moctezuma. One can also contemplate the dance of the Santiagos, which is a European dance that originally narrated the battle between the Moors and the Christians albeit the Mexican adaptation combines native cultural elements. You can also appreciate images where the dances called the Banda Cruzada and Los Payasos come to life. These dances are known for its’ outstanding fun and unique sounds.

In this exhibition, the viewer will see moments captured in time, where welders, musicians, dancers, amongst many faces … with the hill of Acamallin, which is east of the village to help as a point of geographic reference, help to compose this visual landscape. With these images, I emphasize the need to share our culture with others and showing pride in our Mexican identity and roots, our rich cultural history, which is tangible and intangible. I hope that these images will be pleasing to the viewer. I appreciate you for taking the time to observe this small but significant work.

The artist

Alejandro Teutli Morales

Alejandro Teutli Morales, a native of Xico, is a musician and dancer who is part of the Xiqueña music workshop and member of the folkloric local band «Los Más Penquitos del Barrio,» a group who seeks to preserve and spread the traditional music and dances of their town.

He studied anthropology and pedagogy at the University of Veracruz and performs regularly at cultural events with his dance group «Danza de Payasos de Xicochimalco» and his band «Los Más Penquitos del Barrio.»

Apart from dance and music, his other passion is socio-cultural photography, nourished by the richness of his subjects, landscapes and cultural traditions in his town, of which he is proud to share with you at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel. He is currently producing a music album with his group and selecting material for another exhibition.

Cupid and the Myth of Love
Feb 7 a las 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Cupid and the Myth of Love

The story of Cupid and Psyche’s love is one of the most beautiful romances in history and belongs to the Roman tradition. The Centro Cultural Barco de Papel will revive in a fun way these mythological personalities by developing a workshop for children and the whole family, to celebrate the month of love and friendship. In this community event, we will learn how Cupid fell in love with the beautiful Psyche and the origins of the heart pierced with an arrow. An arts and crafts workshop will follow. We will be waiting for you.

The day dedicated to lovers will not be the same without Cupid, the small god of love in mythology.

Venus (or Aphrodite), goddess of love, was irritated by Psyche’s beauty, a mortal, and thus told Cupid (Eros) to have her fall in love with the worst of all men. Unexpectedly, Cupid himself fell in love with Psyche and married her.

Psyche felt quite lonely because her husband only visited her at nighttime. Not only that, Cupid had told her that she must never look at him or their future child would never be immortal. To battle her loneliness, her sisters would visit her.  Psyche’s sisters were quite jealous because she had a lovely home. To harm her, they convinced her that upon her husband’s insistence that he must never be looked at, he most certainly must be a monster.

Very afraid, one night Psyche took a lamp and looked at her husband while he slept. With that, Cupid woke up and left. Psyche, full of regret, looked for him everywhere, finally arriving to Venus’ palace, where she was forced to do labor that was impossible to finish. When she finally reached her last task, she fell into a deathly sleep, but Cupid was able to revive her by taking her to Mount Olympus, where Jupiter made her immortal.


Musical Soiree at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel
Feb 27 a las 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Two musically gifted artists are uniting their talents to provide an entertaining musical evening on February 27, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel in celebration of the Month of Love and Friendship.

“Samy, the Hispanic Voice” renowned entertainer, emcee and singer partners with guitarist and percussionist Ruben Isola, to offer a pleasant cultural evening filled with music, poems and musical anecdotes ideal for warming this winter’s spirits and celebrate the month of love.

This event is part of the varied cultural programming that Centro Cultural Barco de Papel offers in 2016. All are invited.

The artists

Samy, La Voz Hispana

Hernando Cuevo (Bogotá, Colombia), singer of ballads and boleros, entertainer and speaker, is better known in show business under the stage name “Samy, the Hispanic Voice.” He arrived to New York City in 1992, following his artistic dream after sharing the stage as animator with “Frukon and Teso,” “El Combo de las Estrellas,” “Pastor Lopez,” “The Binomial of Oro,” and “Dario Gomez,” among other artists.

With transplanted roots in New York City, he continues to do what he enjoys, playing the role of master of ceremonies for events such as the Festival of Colombian Independence and different artistic activities at locales close to home, like those at Natives Theater in Jackson Heights, Queens and the Ritz Theater in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In addition to special events, Samy figures prominently in the community as a singer and entertainer, regularly performing at clubs, The Chibcha, Añoranzas and The Rumbero. He also served as a voice personality for Spanish-speaking radio and TV stations, Channel 66 and RCN Radio International for many years. Samy has delighted a generation of Latin Americans in our city with his talents, becoming a recognized and loved figure.

Currently, Samy continues his course, having matured with experience, entertaining audiences with his vocal talents at Sabor Latino and other entertainment venues in NYC.

Rubén Isola

Rubén Isola is an Argentinean musician born in Buenos Aires, where he studied guitar for 11 years at the Conservatorio Melani and 5 years with concertist Horacio Ceballos. In his native country, he completed courses in improvisation, jazz standards, electronics, random and concrete music.

Isola specialized in string instruments – guitar, mandolin, charango, Venezuelan cuatro. He achieved success with percussion too, dabbling with bass and percussion drums, conga, bongo and Peruvian cajón. With extensive experience interpreting tango, Argentinean and Latin American music, he was involved in many projects wherein music is held sacred. Theaters, television, museums and libraries, were amongst the many artistic centers in Buenos Aires where he strummed and drummed for fellow music lovers. He has resided in NYC since 1990, developing a solid career, standing out for his talent and professionalism while moving seamlessly in artistic circles.

Throughout his professional career, he has accompanied on guitar many internationally recognized stars, such as Nicola Di Bari, Armando Manzanero, María Martha Serra Lima, Manolo Galván, Iris Chacón, Fernando Allende, Nelson Ned, Buddy Richard, Hermanos Arriagada, Sophie, Luisa María Güell, Tormenta, Silvana Di Lorenzo, King Clave, Danny Daniel, amongst others. When not performing music, he imparts his expertise via private instruction.

Velada por el Amor y la amistad

A Messy Face of Hope – the launch of Marielis Acevedo Irizarry’s collection of poems.
Mar 5 a las 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm






Marielis Acevedo Irizarry in Brooklyn, New York. January 17, 2016. Photo by Mariela Lombard

The Centro Cultural Barco de Papel is proud to announce the launch of this promising young poet’s first collection of poems. The evening promises to be an intense whirlwind of piercing words of her experiences in Puerto Rico and New York, interchanging with soothing music – just a taste of what this presentation of her first collection of complete works has in store. She has excitedly prepared a dramatic presentation with musical guest, Ivette Lopez, for all guests to share in sweet decadence.
Marielis had previously given us a sneak peek to her works in one of Centro Cultural Barco de Papel’s events in 2015 called “Aproximación a la poesía escrita por mujeres” where she read and interpreted some of her poems. That occasion was one of the most popular events organized by Centro Cultural Barco de Papel last year.Edited under the tutelage of Puerto Rican poet, Mairym Cruz Bernal, Marielis’ first book, «La cara desordenada de la esperanza» is a culmination of works where no detail is left to question. This event presents an excellent opportunity to meet this rising star on a night that will assuredly invoke much emotion. The singer Ivette López accompanying Marielis is no stranger at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel. She captivated audiences at Barco de Papel at a musical performance in our space last year.

We hope to see you on March 5, 2016 at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel’s headquarters, steps away from Roosevelt Avenue and 80th Street in Elmhurst/Jackson Heights.

About the poetry collection


‘Swinging in the sigh of a mouth painted with wine’… that’s the image I retain in my memory when I finished reading this magnificent book written by Marielis Acevedo Irizarry. This poetry swings between two islands, Puerto Rico and Manhattan. A woman slips away from her father’s arms underneath the cherry tree of her childhood, in the attempt to navigate the world on a straight path. This is the voice of a woman who takes on freedom, and from this passionate collection of poems, we have unveiled the gaze of immigrants, seen on the many lost and wandering eyes of those on the train, from her raptured passion for a man who is oblivious to the love she feels for him, that which never comes, but the world has made love with my shadow, as she says.

Few times do I find such an illuminated poetic road. That is the grace of being free, of being a poet.

And so, let it be coined in writing.

— Mairym Cruz Bernal, poet and essayist


“With the game of possessions and laberinths that Marielis assembled, she is a naked insurrection that tattoos herself in the light. Just one word, in the feminine sense, howling at the footprints left by she-wolves when they realize that love is a ritual performed in the middle of the forest. Her poetic prose is constructed as an exquisite permanent metaphor. It takes us to the precipice of a cliff, yearning for freedom.”

—Armando Rivera,  poet, narrator, essayist and opinion columnist

“In this first book of poems, Marielis Acevedo Irizarry works with themes and emotions ranging from joy to sadness. The search for love and partnership; the city and its inhabitants do not escape this party of words that form the verses guided by the pen of one who well knows how to place each word. Each word becomes a celebratory concert of life.”

—Gonzalo Aburto, journalist, activist and writer

La cocina del infierno (Hell’s Kitchen) – the latest book by Fernando Morote
Abr 9 a las 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Centro Cultural Barco de Papel presented on April 9, 2016 the latest literary production by Peruvian author, Fernando Morote, titled, “La cocina del infierno (Hell’s Kitchen).”

The book is composed in three sections, titled: The Ungovernables, Hell’s Kitchen and Commando Meón. This work can be read several ways. You may read the stories as you would three individual stories. Another option you have for approaching the stories is by making the connection between the stories’ characters, settings and situations. Your third option is to link the stories through sequence, forming a unit.

Hell’s Kitchen delivers the reader the possibility to situate themselves in different settings. Exiled from the distance and from oneself, the author zeroes in on the issue of voluntary exile – its causes, rigors and consequences. We will be waiting for you.

About the author:

Fernando Morote was born in Piura, Peru in 1962. He has participated in a number of creative literature workshops at the Museo de Arte de Lima. He was winner of the second International Prize of the Sixth Continent of Erotic Literature and finalist of the seventh International Prize for Vivendia-Villiers Literature. He collaborates with the newspaper Irreverentes de Madrid and the magazines, Las Nueve Musas de Oviedo and Clarimonda of Mexico, wherein his stories are published, as well as columns on culture and classic cinema.

He is the author of the novels “Los Quehaceres de un Zángano” (The Chores of a Drone) published by Bizarro Ediciones, 2009; “Polvos ilegales, agarres malditos” (Illegal Powders, Damn Holds) published by Bizarro Ediciones, 2011); a collection of stories called “Brindis, bromas y bramidos” (Toasts, Jokes and Howls) published by Artgerust, 2013) and an assortment of poetry called “Poesía Metal-Mecánica” (Mechanic Metal Poetry), published by Ediciones Los Sobrevivientes, 1994.

La cocina del infierno(1)
Video installation: Rivers by Gabriela Cassel
Dic 15 a las 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Video installation: Rivers by Gabriela Cassel @ Libreria Barco de Papel | New York | United States

The Visual Arts Program of the Barco de Papel Cultural Center is pleased to present on Thursday, December 15, «Rivers» (video installation), a visual work by the artist Graciela Cassel.

In her current video installations, the artist takes the viewer inside the city in a zoom in and out, accelerating and decelerating while recreates and shows how the artist sees the connection between nature and architecture. Without pause, Cassel uses the moving image to activate personal memory and nostalgia.

«Rivers» has received a 2016 New Works Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts and is a work in progress that will be introduced for the first time.

Graciela Cassel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and she currently works and lives in New York City. “Reality cannot be described in a sequential story,” states Cassel, “but it exists in broken strands of time where present, past, and future weave together through the process of perception.” The artist combines video with sculpture, creating a unique view of her environment by re-interpreting space and time. In 2012 the artist earned an MA in Studio Art from New York University and in 2014 she received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Within the past two years Graciela Cassel’s videos have received early international recognition. Accelerate was selected for a show in Arte x Arte. This video also earned a First Award from Art Slant and was then selected as part of an exquisite cadaver piece by the North Carolina Museum. Citylife was also selected for a show in Arte x Arte. In 2015 her video titled In the Sky was selected for the Spring Premiere of New York Filmmakers at the Anthology Film Archives, located in New York City. In 2016 Cassel was a resident at Residency Unlimited, based in Brooklyn, New York. In association with Residency Unlimited, the Rooster Gallery is hosting a two-person show The Passenger: Ivan Gaete.

On November 30th  Graciela Cassel hosted an exclusive screening of 2 short films «City Life 2» and «Rivers» at the Lazy Susan Gallery in Chinatown, Manhattan.



Along the Streets of Queens with Macondo’s heart
Abr 15 a las 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Along the streets of Queens with Macondo’s heart (Con el corazón de Macondo por las called de Queens) is a bilingual performance by renowned Colombian actor Sebastian Ospina using texts of: TS Eliot, E. E. Cummings, Dylan Thomas, Shakespeare, Sam Shepard and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The event will be held on Saturday, April 15 at 7 pm at Barco de Papel Cultural Center.

Ospina is a recognized Colombian actor, director and screenwriter in Colombia. He has an impressive career in theater, movies and television. In this special presentation in New York, he restores to life some of the most influential writers and poets who also influenced his personal career.

Centro Cultural Barco de Papel is located at 40-03, 80th Street, Elmhurst NY. (7, E. F. M and R trains, Q33, Q32 and Q47 busses)

All are invited to this cultural event. Voluntary contribution.

Welcome to the Elmhurst Literary Visual Mural
Sep 6 a las 6:28 pm – 7:28 pm

We believe that art and literature are two fundamental pillars in the development of our community. For this reason, we are proud to announce a project that celebrates just that. A visual representation of great writers who created wonderful pages of literary works inspired by New York City. The Elmhurst Visual Literary Mural project will be a permanent exhibition on Broadway Avenue between Cornish and Whitney Avenue, one block away from the Elmhurst Avenue subway station. This artwork will showcase the work of young artists from the Art Department of La Guardia Community College.

Visual Artists Anthony Andújar, Diego Castillo, Laura Girón, Stephanie Jiménez, Santiago Lenis, Natasha Ocoro, Miriam Rodríguez, Dayana Sadova, Andley Tyson and Fei Yin, were selected by Arianne Fernandez and Judy Richardson, coordinators of the Art Department of La Guardia Community College, to work in the mural artistic concept. The young artist are thrilled by its location in the heart of Elmhurst, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in United States, as well by the challenges of its structure and texture. The mural of 4 feet high by 35 feet long will be divided into 5 panels anchored to the concrete that supports the underpass bridge of LIRR and protected from the elements by a waterproof coating. This polyptych will be finished at the end of September and will remain in this location until the end of the autumn of 2018.

This street art will depict some of the great writers who use the city of New York as the backdrop for their famous literary stories. Authors J.D. Salinger, Pete Hamill, Jaime Manrique, Pedro Juan Soto and Sonia Sanchez will be portrayed in the mural. The selection committee expressed that this random selection is just a small representation of the thousands of pages that New York and its five boroughs had inspired, it was not an easy task.

An opening reception is scheduled next Saturday September 16, at the Elmhurst branch of the Queens Public Library, located at 86-07 Broadway Avenue, Elmhurst NY, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm. The event is organized by the Visual Arts Program of Barco de Papel Cultural Center in coordination with the Art Department of La Guardia Community College. Before the opening of this project there is a dramatized reading in Spanish by authors Eva Cristina Vásquez and Diego Rivelino. They will present their «work on development» called ‘cadaver exquisito’ (Exquisite corpse), that explores the tension between death and life, challenging traditional moral concepts and proposing an alternative vision about human relationships, survival and suicide.

The underpass was a branch station on the Port Washington branch of the Long Island Rail Road. Initially named Newtown around 1855, in June 1897 it was renamed Elmhurst. On January 1, 1985 the station were closed.

This proposal seeks to use of the urban space of the city as visual art. The mural, with its own identity, will be part of the rhythm of life of its inhabitants for their enjoyment by means of an artistic gallery at eye level on the sidewalk. It also has the intention of reviving the area where it is located.

The project was organized by the Visual Arts Program of Barco de Papel Cultural Center in coordination with the Art Department of La Guardia Community College and with the collaboration of Queens Library, Long Island Rail Road and Citizens Committee for New York City.

  • Director Visual Arts Program: Joyce Sanchez
  • Coordinators Art Department of La Guardia Community College: Arianne Fernandez and Judy Richardson
  • Curator: Joyce Sanchez and Arianne Fernandez
  • Production: Ramon Caraballo
  • Graphic Design: Joyce Sanchez
  • Assistants: Joe Leon and Fei Xie
  • Video: Numa Roades
  • Webmaster and Communications: Carlos Bedoya
  • Executive Director: Paula Ortiz.

For more information on the mural visit the page: visualartsbarcodepapel.wordpress.com or http://centroculturalbarcodepapel.org


Queens Wandering Art and Library Project
Jul 21 a las 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Elmhurst, NY-Centro Cultural Barco de Papel is pleased to announce the launch of the «Wandering Art and Library” project that will travel the streets of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Corona, Queens.

«Cities are places of barter, not just merchandise, but also of words, wishes and memories.»—Italo Calvino

Sponsored by the Queens Council on the Arts, this project encourages the use of public spaces to reflect on literature, art and city life. It also sets out to pay tribute to those authors and writers who have used cities as an inspiration or literary theme and, at the same time, encourage respect and care for public spaces.

The list of activities includes a monthly tour through neighborhood public squares and, regular readings and an open microphone, where writers, poets, and artists from the community can participate. At the outset of the project, the mobile library will have more than 300 books in Spanish and English in various genres including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, among other topics.  All books can be read for free.

Design and Construction of the Mobile Library

The «Wandering Art and Library” is a product of the Centro Cultural Barco de Papel built by master carpenter Hector Franqui and its design was inspired by a mobile bookstore that sells second-hand books in the streets of Budapest, Hungary.

The portable wooden structure was designed to be towed manually and consists of three bookshelves. The books will be protected by a transparent acrylic window that unfolds upwards as a visor.  The mobile bookstore can also hold books in its lower part. The dimensions of this structure make it easily adaptable to either small or ample spaces. The books will be classified by thematic genres, such as urban literature, poetry, classics, translated Latin-American fiction, among others.

A mural by artist Guillermo Lorente will be displayed on the side of the mobile library. The juxtaposition of the mural will emphasize how cities serve as an inspiration for the literary world and visual arts.

The piece will be painted oil on canvas and wood and will be located on one side of the module creating contrast within the traditional functions of a mobile library where an interrelation between arts and books in public spaces has not been commonly exposed.  The work gathers allegorical architectural elements from the city of New York and images of Jackson Heights, Queens, as well as works of universal literature and elements triggering stimuli, seeking a visual-active involvement of the participant.


The tour began on June 21, 22 and 23, in Dunningham Triangle, which is a small triangle park located on 82ndStreet between Baxter Avenue and Ithaca Street. Located at a busy intersection where many pass by yet few know about the illustrious stranger who gives the name to this little park.  Launching this project in the triangle is recognition to the Londoner Jabez E. Dunningham (England 1868 – New York 1945), who lived on 40-71 Denman Street, a short distance from where the triangle is and died at the age of 77. He was considered an early pioneer of progress and founded the Council of Civic Associations of Queens, which advocated against pollution, excess garbage and other problems that affected the area. Mr. Dunningham was also the London representative of the well-known publisher Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911) in the early 1890s. In 1896 he moved to New York, where he continued working for Pulitzer until the death of the publisher in 1911. After finishing his publishing career, he dedicated the rest of his life to fighting for public improvements.

This Sunday, July 21, the tour will continue on the Diversity Plaza an iconic public space in the heart of Jackson Heights described by Mayor Di Blasio as «An epicenter of culture, community, and vibrancy withing the most diverse borough of Queens.» Called the intersection of the world, people of ethnic backgrounds all over the globe gather to meet and interac, all together as a community.

  • July 21, 2019. 12 pm – 5pm. Diversity Plaza 37th Road and 74th St, Jackson Heights, NY.

The appearance at the first location is being done with the support of the 82ndStreet Partnership, a local non-profit organization devoted to the area’s economic development.

Biographical Profiles

Hector Franqui

Mr. Franqui is a New York born and raised Puerto Rican professional carpenter who is passionate about his trade. He loves transforming wood into usable items such as chairs, tables, bookshelves, and desks.  His journey as a maker began by creating furniture for his home.  Mr. Franqui attended Queens Vocational High School where he further honed his craft. He currently has his own workshop where he continues to carry out his craft.

Guillermo Lorente

Mr. Lorente is a Cuban-born plastic artist and painter with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Habana’s Art University, Institute for Superior Art (ISA). Prior to departing Cuba, Mr. Lorente was a professor at the Pedagogical  Art Institute and School of Design of Belascoin in Habana, Cuba.  In 1995 he migrated to Sweden where he became a professor at the Art School of Upllands-Väsby.  While in Sweden Mr. Lorente also launched his own art studio where he was featured in various individual and collective expositions.  He currently resides in Jackson Heights, New York where he continues to pursue his creative endeavors.

To learn more about this project and others by Centro Cultural Barco de Papel please visit our website, www.centroculturalbarcodepapel.org.

“The Wandering library and art project” is made possible (in part) with funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.”


Press Contact :

Paula  Ortiz

Executive Director


Tel. 718-565-8283


Cultural project «Stay at home»
May 1 a las 12:00 am – Jul 5 a las 12:00 am
Cultural project "Stay at home"

Barco de Papel Bookstore and Barco de Papel Cultural Center are organizing two open competitions: We all are New York, short stories and emotional drawings.

These contests allow you to share your experience during confinement by a drawing, the testimonial expression of your experiences and / or the writing of a short story on the subject: New York during the pandemic. Deadline is July 5, 2020.

New York is today the epicenter of the world in the events of COVID-19. The pandemic has hit our immigrant community particularly hard, disproportionately affecting Queens County, specially in the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Corona. Their residents are in quarantine, part of the official recommendation «Stay at home»; a necessary imposition that is having consequences in our lives. As the city is closing and the images of empty streets are spreading in social media, a human drama emerges: living with an invisible enemy that turns our friends and neighbors into unsafe people, to be avoided with physical distancing. Adding to that, a devastating economic havoc that has affected our communities.

In this context, your story can find a place that gives meaning to your emotions and contributes to know better how people live the pandemic from your personal experience. Writing a story about it, is finding a space for individual expression, an emotional catharsis. This initiative gives you that option through the making of a drawing, the testimonial expression or the writing of a short story about how the Pandemic is lived in New York. At this moment we are bombarded with news, where anguish is part of our daily life, let’s transform that into lived experiences. Let us be part of the history of this country, of this city, of these neighborhoods.

All people from 18 years of age living in New York may participate. Initially, the winning stories and drawings will be published in digital format.

Deadline for the competition is  set to July 5, 2020. The drawings must be suitable for long-term display as well as digital display.

If you want to participate in the documentation of this historic moment, send us an email to: centroculturalbarcodepapelny@gmail.com and we will send you the contest rules.

Facebook / https://www.facebook.com/events/546128006302374/

Instagram:  Centroculturalbarcodepapel