Blacaman by Sebastian Ospina

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Sebastián Ospina returned to New York City with a new proposal, this time playing Blacamán el Bueno, García Márquez’s seller of miracles. The Colombian playwright, director and actor Sebastián Ospina performed on November 3 at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center with a monologue adapted from one of the chapters of the book La Cándida Erendira, by Gabriel García Márquez and with a musical background by the Musical Family Kaminante band.

The history of Blacaman takes place in La Guajira (department of Colombia) and the metaphorical text fully expresses Gabriel García Márquez’s magical realism, at the same time that it refers to the illusionism of political power. This story is published in the set of short stories of the short novel, The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndira and her heartless grandmother in 1972, although the story was written in 1968.

Blacamán el bueno: seller of miracles, tells the story of a con man named Blacamán. One day he bought a young man and tried to turn him into a true fortune teller, although he never managed to make him guess anything or develop any power, for which he tortured him and earned his hatred.

Later the roles are reversed in the lives of the young man and Blacamán; the young man takes revenge on his owner and with the powers that he was finally able to develop  makes him suffer for an eternity. The main theme of the work is the lies and scams made by Blacamán who paid for his wrongdoing by receiving revenge from one of his victims. The characters in this story are Blacamán, the bad guy and the young man.

Sebastián Ospina studied acting at Lee Strasberg’s school in New York. He has been the protagonist of Telenovelas and Serials on Colombian television for the last 30 years. He was the protagonist of the film Time to die (1985) with a script by Gabriel García Márquez. He worked in France and Germany for Televisión Española. In 1994 he won the National Film Award for the script Adiós María Félix taken to the cinema by Luis Ospina under the title  Soplo de Vida. During the last years he has been dedicated to teaching. A good part of this experience is recorded in the form of videos, images and annotations in the Facebook page: Taller El Actor y La Cámara.

EL actor Sebastián Ospina en la piel de Blacamán, el pasado 3 de octubre en el Centro Cultural Barco de Papel.“… Así…

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